ProSavings Publications

Infographic: Savings Groups, Their scope in Latin America and the Caribbean
June, 2015 | ProSavings Program

Infographic illustrating key takeaways from the three-part series titled Savings Groups in Latin America and the Caribbean

Available in Spanish only. 

Infographic: Different savings groups' methodologies
June, 2015 | ProSavings Program

Infographic based on the recent publication of a three-part series titled Savings Groups in Latin America and the Caribbean. It shows the different types of methodologies that exist for savings groups that rely on external funding and those that do not. 

Available in Spanish only. 

Effective Tools for Inclusive Savings in Latin America and the Caribbean
March, 2015 | ProSavings Program

On November 2014, the ProSavings Program organized a colloquium on inclusive savings. The following document consolidates the learnings and discussions that took place during this event. Among the topics featured in this publication are the following: business strategies for microsavings, market research studies for improving products and services, alternative distribution channels, savings groups, remittance recipients as savings clients, government payments and financial inclusion, and savings and behavioral psychology.

Available in Spanish only. 

Relevant Publications

Mobile Financial Services in Latin America & the Caribbean: State of Play, Commercial Models, and Regulatory Approaches
May, 2015 | GSMA

This publication provides a snapshot of the current state of mobile financial services in LAC, analyses the commercial models being employed in different market segments, and discusses the regulatory evolution that has helped shape the industry.

Remittances to Latin America and the Caribbean Set a New Record High in 2014
May, 2015 | MIF/IDB

This annual report by the MIF on the flow of remittances reveals that the total amount of remittances received in 2014 in Latin America and the Caribbean was 5.3 percent higher than in the previous year, reaching US$ 65.3 billion and surpassing the record total set in 2008. According to the report, the recovery of remittances is projected to continue or even accelerate in 2015, given growth forecasts for the United States, Spain, and Latin America.

Inclusive Savings for Remittance Clients
December, 2014 | Remittances and Savings Program, MIF

This report is based on a meeting of the Working Group on Remittances and Savings, which was held at the Multilateral Investment Fund’s headquarters on July 10, 2014. It analyzes the context and challenges for remittances and savings and introduces a framework for developing innovations in this field.