New Project Approved in Belize

ProSavings approves a the first project to be implemented in the English-speaking Caribbean by the Belize Credit Union League. 

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BLOG: Lessons from client research to understand savings behavior

Cailtin Sanford from Bankable Frontier Associates writes this post, inspired by a session on market research studies from the recent ProSavings Colloquium held in Guayaquil, Ecuador. 

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New Publication: Savings Groups in Latin America and the Caribbean


Download the three notes from the Savings Groups in Latin America and the Caribbean series, available in the Documents section. 

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BLOG In the Spotlight: Savings Groups in Latin America and the Caribbean


Read our latest blog which discusses savings groups mechanisms in the region, their impact, and challenges moving forward. 

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ProSavings, led by the Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF), is a regional program whose mission is to increase the access and use of formal savings products tailored to the needs of low-income recipients of government payment programs in Latin America and the Caribbean. Read more...


January 13, 2015
Updates from the ProSavings project executed by Financiera Confianza in Peru. As of December, 2014 the project has 785 clients using the savings product... Read More >>


March 23, 2015
At this Summit, leading insurers, reinsurers, MFIs and NGOs will help find the answer to how to partner under new models, in order to capitalize on the Latin... Read More >>